Developmental Inheritance of Japanese Culture

We aim to achieve this vision and are working on initiatives that will lead to its achievement.
We would like to work on everything related to the mission that will lead to the achievement of our vision.
Due to resource constraints, we are willing to consider scalability and impact, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

Respecting the essence of Japanese food culture

My most important basic policy for our activities

Japanese Cultural Enlightenment

Keeping in mind the essence of Japanese culture, first in Japan and then overseas

Promoting international goodwill through culture

Domestic enlightenment of the feet to be able to do so

Examples of Initiatives

  • ・Planning, coordination, and operation of projects related to Japanese culture
  • ・Planning, coordination, and operation of Japanese cultural exchange projects overseas
  • ・Commissioning of food-related and nutrition education projects
  • ・Activities aimed at advocacy
Please refer to our blog for other initiatives.


Information on planned events and documents.


1 APR 2023 Noh and Japanese Food

Noh plays and Japanese food culture are both unique Japanese cultures that have been handed down from ancient times and are recognized as World Intangible Cultural Heritage. We hope you will enjoy rediscovering these two cultures by paying attention to their similarities.



About our service

Introduction Video

Watch a video introducing the workshop.(Enlarge to view

About my Title

Background DetailsWhether it is cultural exchange or avoiding cultural decline, I want people to know about the culture first, and without disparaging its essential aspects.
I have chosen the name "evangelist" because I am a person who conveys Japanese culture and Japanese food culture while being aware of the essential aspects of the culture.
I believe that there are many things we can do to avoid the crisis of decline and to not disparage the essence of food culture, and one of the most important of these is for consumers to speak up (cf. background).
I believe that almost everyone in the world is a consumer when it comes to food, but it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to "speak up". I dare to be an "outspoken" consumer, and I decided to clearly state this attitude in my title.
However, when I looked at the words "Japanese culture evangelist and outspoken consumer" objectively, I did not like it, perhaps because it gave the impression of being too aggressive.
I want to express my attitude, but I am still struggling with the fact that I am not likable.
Until we can find a suitable solution, we will try to overcome this problem by temporarily changing the size of the letters. If anyone has a good idea for a title, we would be grateful for your advice.


About the Activity Logo

活動ロゴActivity LogoThis logo expresses my personal responsibility, my personal freedom to work on this project, and many other things.
The Yayoi is represented by the colors in the Seki family crest. The family crest is a traditional Japanese design, and adopting it as a logo is a way to cherish and pass on the traditions of Japan.
While most family crests are symmetrical, this logo expresses the freedom of being asymmetrical, and while it has wings to fly overseas, the eyes are on the feet and do not neglect the feet (respecting the promotion of Japanese food culture in Japan), among other things.

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